Would you like to join us for Zoom Bingo?

You will need to install Zoom on your phone, tablet or computer
The Zoom app is FREE.
You only have to install the Zoom App ONCE- it's worth the few minutes that it takes!

If you get stuck you can always call 414-562-6666 for help! 

On a computer click HERE to install Zoom and choose  Zoom Client for Meetings

If you are using an Apple product like an iPhone or iPad, click HERE to install Zoom

If you are using any phone or tablet other than an Apple/ iPhone, click HERE to install Zoom

Now you are ready to Zoom!

When you get the email from the meeting organizer, all you will have to do is click the blue link.(see example)
If you have Zoom on your device, you will go right into the Zoom meeting.

We will send you a Zoom Meeting email invite.

Here is another example of how to install and use Zoom!