What should I do if I am concerned that I may have COVID-19?

Information provided by:
Shawne Johnson, RN, MPH
Greendale Health Department

We recommend individuals contact their medical provider
if they are ill and want to be tested.
If someone does not have a medical provider,
they can go to this website
and complete a confidential online COVID-19 health screening:
A registered nurse will review the information
immediately and contact the individual.

Here is a list of COVID-19 hotlines in our region:
· Froedtert Health System: 1-414-805-2000
· Ascension Health System: 1-833-981-0711
· Milwaukee V.A. System: 1-888-469-6614
· Aurora Health System: 1-866-443-2584
· Pro Health System: 1-262-928-2745