Veterans and Veterans Spouses

Veteran's Benefits

Not a veteran?
You know someone that is.

They NEED this information!

This is really important to you!
Someday you are going to be glad that you have this information. 
Love Thy Neighbor, in our research in the last five years, has recognized that the LACK OF AWARENESS of available services to be more of a barrier then the unavailability of services
The VA has put together good programs to assist
vets and their families.
The VA wants to help you!
View the state benefits here:
We have navigators at the VA:
Milwaukee County Service Officers
Rick Flowers 414-522-0936
Michelle Gore 414-522-6629
Racine County Service Officer
Zachary Zdroik 262-638-6702
Not in Milwaukee or Racine county?
You can find your county service officer by going to this page:
and choose tab: Locate your CVSO/TVSO
(CVSO=County Veterans Service Officer TVSO= Tribal Veterans Service Officer)
Talk to these navigators before you need them.
Access your eligibility.
Plan Ahead!
QUESTIONS? Call 414-562-6666 and Eileen can help you! 
If you have a scam to report,
please let us know so that we can send out the warning!
Let us know by email or phone:
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