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Please note: Whole Health Pharmacy services are available only to people enrolled in programs at Whole Health Clinical Group (formerly TLS Behavioral Health) and/or the Milwaukee Center for Independence.

Every person is unique, especially when they are living with complex health care needs. Whole Health Pharmacy can help you take medications correctly and reduce medical emergencies caused by confusion about prescriptions.

Whole Health Pharmacy offers a wide variety of options for dispensing and managing medications, including:

Convenient prescription drug services for clients and their caregivers
- Medication Therapy Management services
- Dispensing options - standard vials or specialized packaging
- Automatic monthly refills
- Customized, free deliveries tailored to client needs
- Injection Clinic, in cooperation with Whole Health - Clinical Group Behavioral Health Clinic
- Web connectivity for treatment providers
- Consultation Services
Minimize barriers to proper use of medications by scheduling a consultation with the Whole Health Pharmacy staff. We provide guidance, training and consultation on:

Understanding Medicaid managed care and Medicare ---Part D plans
-Medication use and timing
-Potential drug interactions
-Use of devices such as inhalers and glucometers.

The professionals at Whole Health Pharmacy are dedicated to helping consumers achieve and maintain maximum wellness.