Longo Chiropractic and Deep Tissue Laser Center of Milwaukee

Longo Chiropractic and Deep Tissue Laser Center of Milwaukee
(414) 421-2225
8405 W. Forest Home Avenue
Greenfield 53228
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Milwaukee and Waukesha
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Chiropractic is a safe and healthy way to maintain your mobility and help take away some of the pain of arthritis, muscle aches, back pain, and joint pain.

By restoring better alignment to the spine and its joints, there can be a significant reduction in joint stiffness and immobility, pain, and swelling. Even spines that have severe deformity and significant arthritic change can benefit from chiropractic care, especially when combined with therapy. Every patient’s health concern is unique, therefore the treatment must also be unique.

Minimized risk of fall injuries
Spinal and extremity pain relief
Decreased stiffness and muscular spasms
Increased mobility and range of motion
Increased balance and coordination
Increased sense of well being
Increased energy
Enhanced tissue healing
Decreased tissue inflammation
Increased joint health
Decreased arthritis and arthritic joint pain
Minimized spinal stress and subsequent degeneration