Bluestone Physician Services

Bluestone Physician Services
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888 Thackerary Trail Suite 103
Oconomowoc 53066
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Wisconsin, Minnesota
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Bluestone On-Site Primary Care:
Provides on-site primary care in the comfort of the patient’s home by collaborating with facility/community nursing staff and families
Reduces the need to leave home with on-site lab, x-ray, and other support services
Charges no additional fees to residents or facility/community for our services
Physician-led provider teams make regular, on-site visits with the goal of improving health, decreasing the severity of medical issues and reducing ER and hospital admissions
The provider teams work with all health plans including Medicare and Medicaid
Bluestone Bridge™ online communication tool facilitates rapid and relevant response to patient/family needs while promoting team efficiency
Proactive, comprehensive care planning with the patient and families to meet individual needs