Horizon Home Care Meals

Horizon Home Care Meals
(414) 365-8300
Hot Meal $9.20, Hot & Cold Mean $13.40, Double Portion $17.60, private pay, Iris, I-Community Care, and Family Care
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Questions? Ask for Cassandra Russ 414.586.6220
(Meal Delivery not limited to income but they are limited by location, see map below)
Balanced nutritious meals are delivered to your home Monday through Friday.
Frozen meals may be ordered for Saturday and Sunday.
Hot or cold meals available as well as special dietary needs.
Our meals are prepared by Davian’s Catering under the direction of a clinical dietician.
Meal types include:

Heart Healthy
Mechanical Soft
Renal Friendly
Low Lactose
Milk and juice are also available to accompany any meal. A hot meal is delivered for lunch and a cold meal can be delivered at the same time to provide a second daily meal. Weekend meals are available and will be delivered on Friday. Meal deliveries are made by Horizon Volunteers and typically occur between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

For more information on Meals on Wheels, including pricing and delivery area availability, please contact us at (414) 365-8300.
Horizon Delivery Area Map

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