Warn Thy Neighbor


Email Scams

Always look at the "senders" email address.

Below are directions and an example email.

If you look at the bottom of the email, they offer: Online Kids Insurance.
Makes you think they are nice people, they like kids and they want to give you a reward.
Look at who sent the email, someone named: Congratulations. But the email address!?! Good grief.
Now we all know, these are not nice people.
(Click on the Southwest plane image below for a better view)

To check YOUR email

To SAFELY check YOUR email:
Go to one of your emails.
Depending on your computer or phone either:
Touch or roll over and click the little arrow to the right of (the sender). Walgreens is the sender of the email in our example.
On some phones you need to click Reply to see who sent the email.
If the senders email isn't easy to recognize as a company you do business with ... Delete it!
(If this is confusing, call 414-562-6666 and we can help you)