Helping Seniors Age in Place

We believe that everyone has the right to age with dignity. For many, that means staying in their homes for as long as possible. 

The Love Thy Neighbor directory helps connect older adults and their caregivers with valuable community resources to help them age in place. From home modification specialists to in-home care services, we’re constantly adding resources to help seniors maintain their quality of life and independence throughout their golden years.

Love Thy Neighbor Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization, 501(c) (3) serving Southeast Wisconsin whose purpose is to address, educate, coordinate and provide options for seniors that want to stay home as part of their fulfillment program as they age.

How it all started

Love Thy Neighbor Foundation (LTNF) is rooted in strong values, a love of community, and a deep sense of family. These are the same values our founder, Alvin (Al) Emmons shares as well. LTNF was founded in 2016 in Greendale, Wisconsin, Al’s home for over 60 years. Before starting LTNF, Al gave back to Greendale and its citizens, by accidentally embarking on a beautification project around town. 

As a 5th generation plasterer/wall finisher and owner of his own construction company, Al received calls from Greendale residents asking him to repair their chimneys. Once while perched on a rooftop, Al had the idea to take his skills one steps farther, and create detailed sculptures to adorn the chimneys of his historic Greendale neighborhood. The idea caught on, and before long families from all over town were calling Al with ideas for their own chimney sculptures–icons symbolizing everything from nature scenes, favorite hobbies, honored professions, beloved local sports teams, and hometown pride. Over the years Al and his family dedicated countless hours creating over 200 beautiful chimney sculptures all over Greendale. People loved their special works of art so much, that many of them never left or moved away. They continued to reside in their homes blessed with Al’s personal touch for decades to come.

It’s this act that led Al to his next endeavor. His two brothers fell ill at the same time, prompting Al to find ways of keeping them comfortable in their own homes. He didn’t want his brothers to live in a nursing home or care facility, and thought there must be options out there to fit their changing needs. Al’s philosophy is people have more choices than they realize, but, they might not know which way to turn to seek help. When a loved one can no longer properly care for themselves, or needs a helping hand with everyday tasks, family members can easily get overwhelmed with finding the right care. Al created the Love Thy Neighbor Foundation as a resource that addresses, educates, and coordinates information, providing options for seniors and their caregivers to successfully age in place. Soon after, Al met Eileen Soto, LTNF’s Systems & Development Manager, and she created the website to help make Al’s dream a living reality. This special organization reflects Al’s passion and mission of keeping seniors independent. 

"I was amazed at how many things [Love Thy Neighbor Foundation] is trying to do to help seniors. Nice group!"
Jim P.

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