Helpful tips we can all appreciate!

Wash your hands or use gloves when moving your bins as workers touch 1000’s of bins in a day and then touch the handles of your bins so it could be a Coronavirus hot spot.

Simple but good advice

To dispel some negative rumors out there, the virus is called SARS-CoV-2, which stands for “severe acute respiratory syndrome” and the disease caused by the virus is a coronavirus called COVID-19. The “19” represents the year 2019 for which it was discovered, it does not mean there were 18 other covids. I can’t stress this enough: you can pass on the virus even if you do not have any symptoms. Meaning, you can get others sick, even if you yourself do not feel sick.

As of April 6th, there is a stay at home order through April 24, but the date can be extended. This means that you do NOT go anywhere unless necessary like the grocery store, pharmacy, or doctor. There’s a list of the essential businesses floating around but we can find one if you don’t have it already. This also means you do NOT go to visit friends or family, even if everyone is healthy. It means you are only with the people in your own household. You CAN still go in the yard, for a walk, to a park (certain places) but MUST maintain at least 6 feet distance from anyone not living in your house.

If you have to go to the store, it is best only one person go and current CDC recommendations are to cover mouth and nose with a mask/cloth/scarf when in public spaces. Wash hands before you leave the house and as soon as you get back, and frequently throughout the day, even if you think they aren’t dirty.

For groceries or supplies brought into the house, have a designated “contaminated area” like part of the kitchen counter-top where you can set your things. Wipe down items as you take them out of the bag and set them in a “clean area,” then of course, wash hands before touching the cleaned items again. This is avoiding cross-contamination.

 The important things to remember are getting enough sleep, having adequate nutrition/hydration, and exercise. There are many little videos to do a home workout at anyone’s fitness level.  

There are also tele-physicians to call a doctor or healthcare professional instead of going into a clinic or hospital (if a hospital is not necessary). We suggest individuals contact their primary care physicians to see where you can call.