Our Work


To empower seniors to stay at home and provide information to make that possible.

Knowledge is Power…90% of seniors want to stay in their own home as they age – referred to as “aging in place”. According to AARP this number will continue to increase.- between 2014 and 2030, the U.S. population of adults aged 65+ will nearly double from 37 million to 71.5 million people.

The Foundation was founded in 2016 by a senior, Al Emmons of Greendale.  Al recently lost his wife of 56 years.  He wants to “give back” or “pay forward” as he feels blessed in his life.  He has a passion for this goal of keeping seniors independent and in their homes longer. Love Thy Neighbor Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, 501(c) (3) serving Southeast Wisconsin whose purpose is to address, educate, coordinate and provide options for seniors that want to stay home as part of their fulfillment program as they age.

The foundation is currently offering free workshops to educate seniors. The workshops are aimed at educating seniors and their families about all of the options available to them for help when they need it.

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Al Emmons, President Love Thy Neighbor Foundation, Inc. 501(c)c 414.562.6666 info@LoveThyNeighborFoundation.org